Jury Deliberates In Bjork Murder Trial

Jury Deliberates In Bjork Murder Trial

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The fate of an accused murderer now rests in hands of the jury.

Closing arguments were heard in in St. Lawrence Court in Canton this morning in the case of Keith Bjork.

Bjork accused of killing his roommate, 50 year old Damar Buckner, in their Massena apartment in the early morning on October 27, 2016.

Bjork's defense maintains a third man there that night could have committed the murder.

Prosecutors say make no mistake, it was Bjork.

The prosecution said Bjork thought Buckner was “a rat; a snitch. Somebody who talks to police.”

“Why in this case is very, very important, since the list of suspects is relatively small,” said Gary Miles, prosecutor.

The prosecution painted Bjork as going on a ruthless rampage in which he killed Buckner and severely beat the only witness.

And then, according to Miles, he taunted police on the ride to jail with these words: “Ha! You guys think I killed him. I have no blood on me. Prove it! Prove it!”

The prosecution re-showed evidence including blood in the kitchen sink, the battered face of the third man, the unmarked face of Keith Bjork, and a novelty bat believed used to beat Buckner to death.

He showed how the alleged murder victim's hands were bruised in a desperate attempt to defend himself.

“As if someone were putting his hands in front of his face, doing the rope-a-dope. Taking knuckle shots to the head,” said Miles.

Bjork's defense countered some of the prosecution's most inflammatory evidence. The defense lawyer said police said Bjork was just “muttering that morning.” But then Bjork supposedly spoke crystal clear when he taunted one, saying, “I have no blood on me.” The defense showed the jury Bjork's bloody jeans.

“There's blood all over them. There's even blood on the back. And he said, 'I have no blood on me,'” said Richard Manning, defense lawyer.

Following closing arguments Monday, the case went to the jury for deliberations.

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