Several Inches Of Snow Fall In Jefferson County

Several Inches Of Snow Fall In Jefferson County

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In Adams Center, snow fell in sticky wet clumps - a reminder that we're in it for the long haul this winter.

Leon Vaughn had just gotten home from Fort Drum.

"Well, as you see, it's pretty snowy and the roads are pretty slick. I believe the roads are closed right now so everyone should be on their way home from base," said Leon Vaughn, a combat medic.

But getting home - or anywhere - could be tricky.

One driver, whose car got stuck in a ditch off Route 11 in the town of LeRay, said he slowed down, but his car just kept going.

"My car slid sideways, tail end started pulling out and then I came straight into the - I guess this is a ditch," said Jeffrey Clark.

For others, it wasn't how slippery, but how much snow. Kathy Sedita of Adams Center was cleaning her driveway.

"For the last couple of days it has been pretty crummy. I snow blow and then ten minutes later the plow will go by and plow me in again," she said.

But as more snow fell, a pizza delivery man said he got busier.

"I think people are ordering more, they don't want to drive in this. I am used to it," said Jonathan Worden of Ramsey's Pizza.

And he certainly was used to it. Worden even had the shorts to prove it.

"It was laundry day at the house today and I didn't have any pants to wear. I know it was probably a bad decision," he said.

Well it could be worse. Later this week, our low temperatures will be in single digits - not exactly shorts weather.

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