Watertown Woman Wants to Transform Vacant Lots into Gardens

Watertown Woman Wants to Transform Vacant Lots into Gardens

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"I just want to walk out my door and see something nice."

Alex Woodruff's view from her kitchen..two side-by-side vacant lots.

However, she's hoping to change that and create something more enjoyable to look at.

"I have a garden outside of the city which has thousands of flowers and various other things and I want to move that from outside of the city onto those lots," Woodruff said.

She offered the city $1,000 to buy the Academy Street properties, which once held homes that were recently demolished. Woodruff hopes to put in a variety of plants, like tulips, daffodils, and even some plants that are on the endangered species list in New York, like an Oak tree.

"When I plant something that's on the endangered species list, I want to mark it on what it is, so people can educate themselves on what is grown in new York State," said Woodruff.

And overall, she just wants to do something different with the empty space. Council members discussed her idea at their last meeting.

"I support it." said council member Cody Horbacz.

"I like gardens. I think it's a good idea," said council member Ryan Henry-Wilkinson.

And they plan to vote on it in a couple of weeks.

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