Your Turn: Feedback On Tablets For Inmates, Adoption Law & More

Your Turn: Feedback On Tablets For Inmates, Adoption Law & More

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More than 50,000 inmates in New York prisons will be receiving tablets. Meanwhile, the corrections officers who guard them will be doing their jobs with a pencil and paper. The CO's aren't happy about it:

They should be disconnected from everything and everyone on the outside! These tablets will only lead to a criminal trying to do criminal things!

Shelly Granger

Being connected to the outside world makes them more likely to actually want to get out of prison. These decisions aren’t made on a whim, they’re based in how best to keep inmates from being a repeat offender.

Stacie Luchini

How long will it be before one of those tablets is smashed and used as a weapon?

Vicki Booser-Rogers

Let’s consider this: could this reduce the boredom and prison violence that can stem from that?

Vicki Hill

New St. Lawrence County District Attorney Gary Pasqua wants to put a fresh set of eyes on the Garrett Phillips case: his own. He says it's his duty to review the investigation into the 12 year old's October 2011 murder:

Good idea. Waste more tax payer money!

Dean Bush

GOOD. This young boy and his family deserve justice.

Cheryl Bickford

Legislation has been introduced in New York to allow adoptees to get their original birth certificates when they turn 18:

I would be worried that if the birth parents’ rights to remain anonymous were to be taken away, there would be a decline in parents choosing adoption.

Amy Campbell

Once an adoptee turns 18, they should be able to get the actual birth certificate, without having to petition the court for it.

Patti Lynne Cowan

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