'Queen' Remains Elusive In Elks Lodge Fundraiser

'Queen' Remains Elusive In Elks Lodge Fundraiser

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There's still no jackpot winner for the Queen of Hearts game at the Watertown Elks Lodge, but that just seems to raise hopes even more.

"I want to win,"" Ogdensburg resident Jimmy Bertrand said. "All I want to do is just win -- I want to be a winner!"

And he's not the only one.

The crowd at the Watertown Elks Lodge anxiously waited to see if the Queen of Hearts fundraiser would finally come to an end this week.

"To me, it's so much fun because it's just the anxiety and the exhilaration of everything," Nikki Woods, also from Ogdensburg, said. "It increases every week."

But when the name was called and the next card was picked, the crowd went crazy.

"It's been a long run," the Elks' Tim Kelly announced. "It's a long race and a lot of hard work, but you're all coming back next week." 

"Did you see me jump like 20 feet over there?" Watertown resident Dan Etheridge said. "I think that's what everybody else did. They jumped like 10 feet. We have another chance."

The jackpot now rises to over $316,000 and that makes everyone more eager and still just as hopeful to win.

"Am I going to be back next week? Absolutely," Watertown resident Ronny Netto said. "I'm always positive, so that's a good thing."

People lined up immediately to buy tickets for next Tuesday night's drawing.

"It's a dollar and dream," Woods said. "There it is."

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