Food Expiration Dates May Be Deceiving

Food Expiration Dates May Be Deceiving

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According to Diana Luther, a registered dietitian at Lewis County General Hospital, each person throws out about 300 pounds of food each year. But do you really need to? A few simple things can stretch your food supply, which is not only helpful to the environment, but also easy on your wallet.

"Most people have mayonnaise in their refrigerator. So looking at, this says, 'best if used by date,' and whatever date on there, just because it says that date doesn't mean you have to throw it out right away as long as it has been stored properly, covered in the refrigerator at the proper temperature, ii should last a couple months past the expiration date," said Luther.

The 'sell by' date on your products may be deceiving. Canned foods, such as that dusty old can of tomato soup in your pantry, can last three to six years after its 'best by' date as long as it's stored in a cool dry place.

"Usually canned foods are good a good year past their expiration date that's listed on the can," said Luther.

She added that having an expiration date doesn't necessarily mean that a food product is bad when the date is passed, it simply means that the quality of the food might decrease after that point. Learn more by going to

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