Woman Saves Dog That Was Shot By Arrow, Thrown From Truck

Woman Saves Dog That Was Shot By Arrow, Thrown From Truck

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Emily Brady says she was driving on Salmon Run Mall Road near Coffeen Street Wednesday when she watched two men throw a dog out of a moving pickup truck.

"All of a sudden, the back driver side door opened up and a dog went flying out of it into the ditch and just laid there," said Brady.

Brady immediately pulled over and jumped out of her car to help the dog. She says the dog was abandoned by two white men who appeared to be in their 20s. The men were in a blue Chevy Silverado pickup truck with Tennessee license plates.

When Brady walked up to the dog, she noticed a hole on its stomach. Brady took the dog into her home overnight and then brought it to the SPCA to give it a second chance at life.

Brady says the veterinarian who examined the dog confirms the hole was an arrow wound.

We don't know how the dog got the arrow wound, but the veterinarian believes the animal was abused.

Even though Brady essentially saved this dog's life, she doesn't want to be considered a 'hero.'

"I just needed to help her. I needed to take her somewhere. I couldn't just leave her there. I didn't know how bad she was hurt or anything, and I didn't want her to die on the side of the road, tossed away like trash," said Brady.

The dog will stay in the SPCA for five days, where it will get treated and find a loving home. Executive Director Heather Spezzano says the mission is not only to get the dog adopted, but educate people not to abandon their pets.

"You must call the SPCA. We almost always have room. We can pretty much make room. Don't dump your animal, euthanize your animal. Always check with us first," she said.

If you have any information, tips can be reported to the Animal Cruelty Task Force Facebook page.

To report any animal cruelty, call 315-782-2233.

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