Watertown Students Sound Off About School Safety

Watertown Students Sound Off About School Safety

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"You can't even bring a four ounce bottle of perfume on a plane and I think that we need to treat our schools the same way," said Hannah Isham.

A senior, Isham is one of 16 Watertown High School students who attended an after-school meeting with school administrators and teachers. The topic: school safety.

Students shared how they were feeling since the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 people dead.

"I come to school and I'm like if a shooter came to the school, where would I go? And I do that in every single classroom," said Ally Capone, student.

For Isham, it hits close to home. Her cousins attend Stoneman Douglas High School and she went to Florida after the shooting.

"It put things in a bigger perspective for me being all way in Watertown, New York. You hear about it, but you don't really feel what they feel."

Administrators asked how the students were feeling after a recent fire drill. Senior Katie Peck shared what it was like in her classroom.

"Every single person, every single face that I looked at, I just saw, like, fear, everybody was looking around, some people were crouching," she said.

Students also shared how they feel about the school's safety measures now.

"We can lock our doors, but the doors are glass so that's easy access, you can shoot through glass," said Connor McDowell, student.

"Until our country changes its laws to be more strict on who can acquire weapons, we need to exert constant vigilance," said  Elissa Priesto, student.

The students agreed that action needs to be taken.

"The most important thing is that we take action soon before all the sentiment and everything dies down again," said Natalie Cole, student.

And a plan needs to be in place for the future.

"This is our country, this our world, this is what we're gonna be in for the rest of our lives, this is what our future generations, this is what our family is in," said Natalie Cole, student.

School Administrators, teachers and students will meet for another school safety meeting next week.

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