Parent Speaks Out About Autistic Son Bringing Knife To School

Parent Speaks Out About Autistic Son Bringing Knife To School

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Lenny Planes of Black River says his son, who has autism, was caught with a knife on the bus going from Carthage to BOCES just outside Watertown. The knife had a 10 inch serrated blade.

Planes says his son was bullied, but he's not violent.

"He really didn't want to hurt anybody with this," he said.

BOCES Superintendent Stephen Todd says there was no threat, but because of the knife, Planes' son was taken to Samaritan Medical Center for evaluation and admitted.

Planes says he didn't even know his son had bought the knife. He only found out after getting a call from the school that his son brought it school.

"Somebody like my son can be 18 and buy this, but he's not emotionally ready; he's not mature enough," said Planes. "All he had to do is flash his I.D. for this and they sold it."

Planes said his son bought the knife from the "Around the World" shop at Salmon Run Mall. Being that the blade is too large to legally carry, it's sold for decorative purposes.  Planes says more needs to be done to stop people not mature enough from buying knives like this.

"This is not decorative. There's no way you can describe this as decorative. And there should be some kind of vetting before you sell that to somebody and allow them to just walk out of the mall with it," said Planes.

7 News called the Around the World shop and talked to a worker, who said  all the decorative knives are kept in a case, and when someone wants to buy one, that person is asked to present identification. In this case, Planes' son is 18.

We also heard from Carthage School Superintendent Pete Turner, who he says the incident is being handled as a student disciplinary case.

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