Students Pledge To Fight Cyberbullying

Students Pledge To Fight Cyberbullying

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At Pulaski High School Wednesday, students learned how to help themselves and the rest of their school when it comes to standing up to cyberbullying.

"I will work to make others feel safe and included, by treating them with respect and compassion. I am an Upstander," they pledged.

It's a pledge more than 20 students at Pulaski High School made.

"We should always have that mindset of treat others the way to want to be treated," said Garrett Lawton, high school sophomore.

In a partnership between AT&T and Siena College, Siena students visit New York schools to spread the message of their Upstander program.

“The goal of this program is to show high schoolers the power that social media can have and how they can use it as a positive impact instead of a negative impact,” said Nicholas Allen, Siena College junior.

The program was formed after a study by Siena College found that one in four students in upstate New York have been a victim of cyberbullying.

The high schoolers learned how to look for signs of cyberbullying and how to both end it and help the victim.

“It’s standing up to bullying versus being a bystander. Often students might be afraid to disrupt the behavior or to report the behavior or even so console the victim,” said Kevin Hanna, AT&T external affairs director.

The students then took what they learned and passed it on to everyone else at a school-wide assembly.

"Kids nowadays are more likely to listen to other kids rather than adults standing there lecturing them.  If a group of kids see bullying going on and they step up to that bully and they show him or her what they're doing wrong, then they're more likely to stop the bully," said Lawton.

When you look at central New York, Siena College found that 31 percent of students there have been a victim of cyberbullying, slightly more than those in upstate New York.

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