People at March for Our Lives in Potsdam Say "Thoughts and Praye

People at March for Our Lives in Potsdam Say "Thoughts and Prayers are Not Enough"

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Saturday in Potsdam, hundreds marched for school safety and gun control. They were part of the message reverberating across the nation.

The march took square aim at the old way of doing things after school shootings.

 “Thoughts and prayers are not enough. Thoughts and prayers are not enough,” marchers said.

They said they're not going to stand for it anymore. Well over 200 people took to the streets in Potsdam chanting and marching for new gun control laws.

“I don't want to go to school and have to be worried about whether someone can come into school and hurt me,” said Autumn Crabtree, an 11th grader at Canton.

Safe schools are the goal. The area march organizer Jennifer Braxton has children in Potsdam schools. She said there's a reason things are different since the Parkland high school shooting. It's different because the young people are in the lead.

“Just because they have more oomph and courage," Braxton said. "You know, they're stepping up. And frankly they've given me courage.”

The marchers took their message throughout Potsdam. No one is too young or too old for this. The signs let everyone know what its about. They know some people say they want to take all the guns away.

“That's not the case. That's not the case at all. We just want to make sure that guns don't get into the wrong peoples' hands,” Braxton said.

The people marching in Potsdam Saturday are marching in solidarity with the Parkland high school students and with all the other marchers across the U.S. They hope, that this time, it will make a difference.

“I think that the students from Parkland who have helped to organize this all over the country," said Crabtree. "I think that the fact that it's student organized like makes a big difference.”

Marchers say the next step is to get out and vote for politicians who will back new and effective gun control laws. They say they'll next be marching to the voting booth.

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