No Injuries In Vehicle-Buggy Accident

No Injuries In Vehicle-Buggy Accident

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An SUV smashed an Amish buggy in the town of Canton Monday morning.

The northbound SUV crested a hill on Old DeKalb Road and struck the buggy, which was traveling in the same direction.

The SUV was driven by Phillip Burnett. Joseph Miller drove the buggy and Levi Miller was the only other occupant.

Neither the humans nor the horse were injured.

The accident is under investigation. No tickets were issued at the scene.

Can more be done to prevent collisions between cars and Amish buggies? One St. Lawrence County lawmaker thinks it can.

“My first thought is who has been injured and are there any fatalities,” said Legislator Larry Denesha.

Three years ago, county officials forged an agreement to have the Amish double the amount of reflective tape on buggies. But it just hasn't happened in most cases, Denesha said. So he wants to hold new meetings with the Amish.

“I'm concerned about the safety of the Amish community and I'm concerned about he safety of the motoring public,” he said.

Originally, legislators and police wanted reflective triangles on all buggies. But the Amish said that runs counter to their beliefs. As long as horse-drawn buggies have the minimum night-time markings required by law, they cannot be cited. Those are a lit lantern and 72 square inches of reflective tape.

“We do have a group that only wants to meet the minimum. They need to be aware that there is something bigger, heavier, faster than them that is possibly going to be coming up on them all the time,” said St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells

Wells said car and truck drivers have to realize roadways are shared with others such a bicyclists, runners, farm equipment and Amish buggies. He says we all need to pay attention.

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