As Zuckerberg Testifies, Local Facebook Users Voice Concerns

As Zuckerberg Testifies, Local Facebook Users Voice Concerns

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Jill Van Hoesen is the Information Security Officer for Westelcom in Watertown. So she knows what to look out for when it comes to sharing information online.

When she heard how millions of people had their Facebook data unknowingly shared with a data mining company, she was concerned.

"Facebook was a little remiss and not really guarding the hen house, like they should have," she said.

The social media site is under scrutiny after Cambridge Analytica, who worked with Trump's presidential campaign, used data from potentially 87 million users to try to influence elections.

Facebook also uses your online information to sell advertising specifically targeted to your interests.

That's the reason Kaiti Glynn of Watertown deleted her account a couple of years ago.

"I noticed that the ads that were coming across my news feed correlated very strongly with what I was searching for even outside of Facebook, even if I wasn't logged into Facebook. It was just a little disturbing to me. It looked like my information was being accessed when I didn't think it ought to be," she said.

Some users say while it worries them, a breach like this wasn't too surprising.

"I was initially a little shocked, but I wasn't too surprised. It was bound to happen. It was either going to be Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat, you know," said Jaylyn Reichert, Chaumont resident.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress Tuesday and Wednesday on just how Facebook users' information got into the hands of Cambridge Analytica.

He also says he has taken steps to prevent information from being used for political motives in the future.

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