What The Lowville Road Project Will Mean To Residents

What The Lowville Road Project Will Mean To Residents

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On paper, it took the engineers at GYMO Architecture roughly three years to develop and simplify the reconstruction of five major roads in the village of Lowville, which include Park Avenue, Trinity Avenue, Shady Avenue, Water Street and Stowe Street.

So, what does this mean for residents?  

"Speaking from curb to curb within that, it'll be complete pavement replacement and sewer main and water main replacement," said GYMO president and CEO Patrick Scordo.

Scordo says the main goal of the project is to separate storm water from sewer water in the village.

He also says this will help things underground run smoother and better for the village's waste water treatment plant.

GYMO engineers say this is not just a beautification project, but really to fix piping underground.

"I would say that's just a bonus of it because, I mean, it's much deeper in that. No pun intended. They've gotta go down and replace all the utilities," said Ryan Churchill, principle managing engineer.

The project is mostly funded by a state grant that amounted to nearly $2 million.

There's no telling what this will do to traffic this summer.

However, Lowville Mayor Donna Smith says there will be public informational meetings soon.

"What we're doing is an upgrade to a lot of the village, a lot of the main corridors where we have problems or where we can work out from to connect piping to in the future," she said.

GYMO engineers want to note that this will take about two summer seasons to complete, to the spring of 2020 if need be. Digging is expected to start this June.

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