Despite Law, Tinted Windows Still An Issue

Despite Law, Tinted Windows Still An Issue

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Even with the passage a new law in 2017, police are still finding many cars with dark tinted windows, putting their safety at risk.

Local tire and auto shops are trying to help. At Cheney Tires in Watertown, the technicians say they've had to fail cars that come in for a state inspection simply because the windows are too dark.   

"Last week I think we took off maybe 5 or 6 tint, like we took tint off of 5 or 6 vehicles," said Jesse Bedore, Cheney Tires technician.

In 2017, a new state law required state inspection stations to check the window tinting on cars. If the windshields and front side windows allowed at least 70 percent of light in, the car passed inspection. But if it didn't, the tint has to come off. That's good news for Cheney Tires, which charges to have the tint removed.

"It's a half hour per window so $35, $75 for the front windows and $140 for the rear if we have to take them off," said Bedore.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Jamie Taylor says he hasn't seen the number of people with tinted windows decrease or increase at all. He says for officers, they need to be able to see inside a car if they pull it over.

"You never know who's in the vehicle, where they're coming from, where they're going or what type of person you're going to deal with and to not be able to see into the vehicle and what somebody might possess is a huge officer safety factor," said Taylor.

Along with it being illegal to have dark tinted windows on cars, it's also against the law to sell tint that is too dark to pass state inspections.

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