Villages Find New Trash Removal Company

Villages Find New Trash Removal Company

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When Feher Rubbish Removal suddenly closed, it left the villages of Dexter, Glen Park, and Brownville without a waste removal company.

In fact, Dexter didn't even get a trash pick-up last week. But the village has a new service that will start this week.

"There was no notice, not even to the employees or even the drivers," said Dexter Mayor Jim Eves.

When Feher Rubbish Removal suddenly closed its doors last Thursday, it meant trash stayed by the curb in Dexter.

"Of course, as everybody knows, trash is on a weekly thing and you want to get rid of it," said Eves.

The closure left the villages of Dexter, Brownville, and Glen Park without a trash removal service. But not for long.

Village officials reached out to a local company, Pick N Go Property Waste Services, which will start helping out this week.

"We did get a hold of Randy from Pick N Go and he decided that yes, he could help us," said Brownville Mayor Patrick Connor.

Even though there was a quick turnaround, the three villages actually already planned to switch services to Pick N Go next month.

Connor says this is because of issues with Feher.

"They would break down frequently. There was a problem of picking up trash. If they came through and stuff wasn't broken down properly or something, whereas before they would basically try and grab it, they quit doing that," he said.

The mayors say they're relieved things worked out and the villages can go back to their regular trash pick-up schedule.

But Connor says it's still a sad situation.

"I feel bad for the company. Nobody wants to see anybody go out of business. Nobody wants to see anybody lose their jobs," he said.

All three villages will get trash pick-up this week with Pick N Go. Glen Park and Brownville on Tuesday. Dexter on Thursday.

We reached out to Feher Rubbish Removal for comment, but have not heard back.

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