Your Turn: Feedback On School Threats, Lawmaker Raises & More

Your Turn: Feedback On School Threats, Lawmaker Raises & More

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Is a misdemeanor a tough enough charge for someone who makes a school threat? Some say that under certain circumstances it's the best option. We asked for your thoughts:

There should be a lot harsher penalties for that kind of threat!

Trina Tuttle

They should be locked up behind bars for a long time like an adult.

Eva Miller

St. Lawrence County legislators will vote Monday on whether to give themselves a raise. It would be the first pay increase for the job in 18 years:

This sounds like a deserved raise, but we in America need to find a new system other than politicians voting for their own raises and benefits.

Kelsey Bridget

Instead of a raise, why don't you put it in the highway fund to fix the roads?

Sue Whitmarsh

A public vote would be the right way for them to obtain a raise. Maybe that would motivate them to do an even better job.

Sharon Perkins Dafoe

No, 66 percent is crazy when working people are only getting 2.5 percent. Get real.

Ron Schofell

Governor Cuomo wants to raise the legal age to buy a gun from 18 to 21, but among the opponents are some North Country leaders. We asked what you think:

If you can join the military at 18, you should be able to buy and own a firearm.

Thomas Germain

If you have to be 21 to buy cigarettes and buy beer, then it should be 21 to buy a gun. It makes a lot of sense.

Greg Fenton

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