Some Wisdom On Wisdom Teeth

Some Wisdom On Wisdom Teeth

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When it comes to having your wisdom teeth out, Dr. Maria Dille, a Watertown dentist, says, "We prefer to have them taken out when they (patients) are younger, because they heal better."

But younger is relative. When wisdom teeth come in varies from person to person. You can be as young as 15 or even into your 20s and 30s and some people never have to get them taken out.

Wisdom teeth can cause problems if they aren't properly handled.

Issues come up when the teeth get impacted, meaning they don't fully come in. That can damage other teeth and cause infection.

"Food gets in there, bacteria gets in there, and then sometimes you eat very hard food and then it gets irritated and that's how you get an infection," said Dr. Dille.

If you're seeing a dentist regularly, they'll catch when wisdom teeth need to come out. If you don't see one often and you feel pain in your jawline, that could be a sign that they need to be taken care of.

"It takes a while to go to the surgeon for appointment for the surgeon so you have to wait for a month or two, and it can be very painful, so get it out while you are not in pain, that's my advice," said Dr. Dille.

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