More Needs To Be Done To Prevent Bird Deaths, Bird Lovers Say

More Needs To Be Done To Prevent Bird Deaths, Bird Lovers Say

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Bird lovers are crying fowl after a snowy owl, a protected bird, is electrocuted on a wire where other birds have been killed too.

Fixes have been made since the snowy owl was killed, but bird lovers say even more should be done.

"It was just sad, really sad,” Lyme school bus driver Vicki Barton said. “We kind of got attached to the owls."

On an electric pole near the bus garage, drivers often saw two snowy owls.

But earlier this week, one was apparently electrocuted.

"We noticed in the morning before we went for our run that the bird was hanging,” Barton said

Barton called National Grid and workers came out Wednesday. They removed the owl and covered some of the wires with a guard.

It wasn’t the first time a bird has died at this pole. Two others died last year.

"They had two red-tail hawks that they found at the base of the pole and they were pretty sure those were electrocuted,” said Lynn Chavoustie, who’s a member of the North Country Bird Club.

Chavoustie says she hopes this will prevent this from happening again, especially since the other snowy owl is still seen sitting atop the pole.

But Barton thinks more needs to be done, like constructing a sitting area further from the wires.

"Build it up so it's away from the wires more,” she said. “I think it's wrong having all of the wires up at the top like that, just out for the birds to hit them."    

The owl that died had a tag on it. It was a female that hatched last year.

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