Saturday: More People Rappel Down Midtown Towers

Saturday: More People Rappel Down Midtown Towers

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If you drove own State Street in Watertown Saturday, you may have seen this unusual site..

People rappel down Midtown Towers.

The "Over the Edge" fundraiser raises money for the United Way of northern New York.

Between Friday and Saturday closed to 100 people rappelled down the side of the building.

One person who repelled down the 15-story, 155 foot building told us the challenge is at your own pace.

It's actually really smooth. Once you know what you're doing you just keep going. You pick your own speed, you can go faster, slower so it's all up to your own decision," said Rachel Bushmuncy, who was representing Northern Credit Union by going over the edge.

 "We've had great support from a lot of individual businesses and very happy for that support we get from everybody," said Bob Gorman, executive director of the United Way of NNY.

Coming into Saturday, the event raised well over $50,000 with more still to come.

7 News is a sponsor of "Over the Edge."

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