Your Turn: Feedback On Convention Center, Adoption, Swimsuits &

Your Turn: Feedback On Convention Center, Adoption, Swimsuits & More

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Could a convention center/athletic facility be coming to the town of Watertown? A feasibility study is underway:

Great idea as long as it's big enough to hold good size events there!

MaryAnn Gemmill

I’m sadly skeptical about it being built and sitting empty.

Lindsey Paranzino

Should adoptees have access to their original birth certificates? There's legislation in the works in New York State that could make that happen:

We adoptees need to know our medical history and some idea of our genetic origins!

Emma Tyre

It should be that the affected persons agree before release is possible.

Carol Stark Muench

A Glenfield man is accused of trying to use movie prop money to buy used computer equipment. Watertown city police say 20 year old Matthew Bush admitted to buying the fake money online:

So he used real money to buy fake money to end up in jail which will cost him money...hmm...makes sense.

Jennifer Hutchins

If he'd have spent time working his for money and not shopping for fake money, he wouldn't be in this mess!

Kaye White

Miss America will no longer feature a swimsuit competition. Local pageants are following suit:

What next have them wearing burkas? It's a beauty contest, not a puritanical modesty contest.

James Rogergcam

Another win for modesty!

Rob Mullin

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