Alleged Victim Testifies In Breault Rape Trial

Alleged Victim Testifies In Breault Rape Trial

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Joseph Breault was stoic as the prosecution got right to dealing with the question of why the alleged victims waited so long to come forward with their stories. The prosecutor told the jury the answer is simple: threats made by Breault.

“He told them no one would believe them. He told them they would lose their loved ones. He scared them into silence,” said Joshua HaberkornHalm, prosecutor.

An August indictment charges Breault with raping a 10 year old girl in 1996 and more than a decade later, a 35 year old woman twice. The defense points out the indictment charges one of the rapes of the older woman occurred either in the summer of 2009 or 2010.

“They want you to believe she can't even remember the year it happened,” said Edward Narrow, defense attorney.

It was alleged in court that Breault molested the 10 year old, now in her 30s, on occasions other than the rape. The prosecutor said Breault convinced even the older woman it was hopeless.

"She was alone, powerless and nobody would believe her," said HaberkornHalm.

Jurors in the case heard graphic descriptions of alleged sexual assaults. The defense wanted to dispel those images by calling into question the two accusers' motives. It's a jury of 11 women and one man who will have to decide where the truth lies.

This case is expected to stretch into next week. The jury has already heard from one victim. They will also hear from people who knew the alleged victims, state police and expert witnesses.

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