Your Turn: Feedback On Air Conditioners, Pool & Uncle Sam

Your Turn: Feedback On Air Conditioners, Pool & Uncle Sam

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The big story all last week was the heat. The temperature was hot and so were sales of air conditioners. Many stores sold out:

Went to get one tonight. All sold out. I feel like I might have a heat stroke! 

Stephy Sadler

Bought all mine in March. The stores were full of them then.

Wanda Callaghan Brownell

Summer has come pretty much every year for a really long time. People are always surprised that it's hot. Every year.

Kim Bain

Watertown's two municipal pools were extremely busy during the heat wave. To some, that means the pool in Thompson Park should reopen. We asked for your thoughts:

Sick of being forced to pay higher and higher taxes every year for non essentials.

Anne Street

I’m excited to see this finally getting off the ground. It’s taken way too long to get this done.

Patrick Hill

There are rivers all over around Watertown. Go find one and jump in it.

Gary Matthie

We also shared a story about Rob Horning. He dresses up at Uncle Sam and greets customers as they walk through the door at Sam's Club in the town of Watertown:

I also saw him in his Uncle Sam outfit on his motorcycle. Had to do a double take. 

Joy Kristiansen Nuffer

He is the nicest guy and so cheerful every time I go to Sam's!

Brittany Marriam

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