Lowville Water Customers Cope With Conservation Order

Lowville Water Customers Cope With Conservation Order

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Cutting back on the water people use every day may be easier said then done. Nonetheless, it seems that everyone wants to do what they can until water levels come back up.

James Davis took up gardening at his residence in Lowville as soon as spring hit. Now that the village has a mandatory water conservation notice out, he can't water his plants as much.

"My fuchsias take a gallon of water a day, so if I want to keep them in bloom, I've got to keep them watered," he said.

Not far from Davis' home, workers at Sunnycrest Flowers are trying to cope as well.

"We're doing our best to conserve water when we fill up buckets for our flowers and the flowers are gone, we re-purpose that water whether it's mopping or watering the plants," said Ellie Steltz, employee.

Department of Public Works Superintendent Thomas Compo initiated the village notice. 

"I would say don't water your lawns. Don't wash your car and fill your swimming pools. They all function and they will all be okay without usage of that water," he said.

A village police officer said that when there's water conservation notices like this one, they do issue tickets for violators that use too much. So far though, he says there haven't been any tickets issued.

Compo says the Kraft plant in Lowville naturally uses twice as much water as residential customers. When asked if those plant workers are reducing their water usage, he said, "I've spoken with the operations manager up there and they are. They're not rinsing their trucks. They're not washing down the trucks on the outside. They're doing the least that's necessary for them to clean the trucks as they leave."

A statement from a spokesperson at Kraft's headquarters said, "At Lowville, the facility is operating as usual, but we are initiating additional procedures to preserve and recycle water where possible." 

Compo says the emergency level of the water notice should be lifted by the end of this weekend. But, there will still be a need for all residents and businesses to continue conserving water.

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