Breaking The Heatwave After A Week Of Hot Temperatures

Breaking The Heatwave After A Week Of Hot Temperatures

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Friday in Watertown the high was 77, with lows in the 50's. After the week-long heatwave came to an end, things were back to normal at Planet Fitness in Watertown.

"We have definitely had a lot of less people probably because a lot of people don't come outside in the weather, but we do have people come in they are thankfully we have the AC," said Dana Cowles, who works at the front desk at Planet Fitness,

But at least one of those heading into the gym misses the heat.

"Me personally, I kind of miss it a little bit being from South Texas. I hate the cold," stated Amos Castellanos, a Sargent in the 10th Mountain Division.

Meanwhile, one man at the fairgrounds says the change in weather may be good for the game, but he finds it rather concerning.

"I would rather have the cool weather like we have now than the blazing heat, but I think the play is played better when it's this type of weather. As far as the pitching is concerned, they can grip the ball better, they don't get exhausted at the end of the game," said Patrick Bisogno, who was watching his son play for Diamond Dawgs in their meet up against the Watertown Rapids Collegiate Baseball team.

And while the change was welcome, he found it disconcerting.

"The fluctuation is amazing, between going from 96 to 97 down to whatever it is now, 78, 79? You can obviously tell that somethings not right that it can fluctuate so quickly in a day," said Bisogno.

Meteorologists say those fluctuations are tied to climate change. Meaning hot weather can get really hot, and in the winter time, cold weather can become brutally cold. But at least for now, these temperatures have settled back to normal.

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