Lowville Garden Tour Shows Beauty That Lives in Neighbor's Backy

Lowville Garden Tour Shows Beauty That Lives in Neighbor's Backyard

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Six gardens and one nursery showcased colorful works of nature Sunday at this year's garden tour in Lewis County, which helps benefit the Lowville Free Library.

"There's an amazingly dedicated group of gardeners in the North Country. It surprises me," said Mary Pelletier-Hunyadi, president of the Lowville Free Library Board. "Here we are in year five and people look forward to it. There's lots of people in this area excited about gardens."

Some go on the tour for inspiration.

"I like to come to get ideas for my own gardens," said Glen field resident Sue Matuszczak. "It's just a great time to visit with other people who love gardening."

One of the gardens toured belongs to Bernadine Schwartzentruber, whose backyard in Lowville features a variety of flowers and plants, some in quirky displays.

"It's actually like therapy for me. it's relaxing to just come out here and tend to the plants," said Schwartzentruber.

She said her first memory of admiring flowers was when she was four years old and she started gardening herself in high school.

Just like her gardens, Schwartzentruber's love for the hobby has grown over the years and now she enjoys showing off her work for others.

"I just love being out here and tending the garden. I'm glad people are willing to come and look at it," said Schwartzentruber.

And with more people willing to take in their neighbor's gardens every year, the library plans to continue holding this summertime tradition.

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