In St. Lawrence County, This Bakery Comes To You

In St. Lawrence County, This Bakery Comes To You

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A new food truck in Canton sells out as fast as they can shove the cupcakes and cheesecake out the window.

Tuesday marked the second week for Anastasia's Bakery Truck. Anastasia Cote has a bricks and mortar bakery in Madrid. Her new truck extends her reach.

Last week Anastasia's Bakery truck sold out in just an hour. This week Cote brought double the bake goods and they ran out in about an hour-and-a-half.

“I checked on Facebook and saw that she was coming back. And I heard there were cupcakes," said Leslie Schwartz, one of the truck's customers.

As for Anastasia, she's delighted by the response so far.

“Definitely it was a big investment but I had a lot of help and … scary … but it's paying off," she said.

“This summer was just kind of dipping our toes in the water. Umm, but I mean, you know, I'm already thinking well, maybe I could buy another truck over the winter.”

Friday and Saturday you can catch Anastasia's Bakery truck at Potsdam's Summer Festival.

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