Summertime Blues: NNY Copes With Dry Weather

Summertime Blues: NNY Copes With Dry Weather

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With no sustained rain in sight - and after a bout of very high temperatures - the north country is coping with browning lawns and wilting plants.

At the Adams County Club, clubhouse worker Mike Maloney said "We're doing good basically," using an irrigation system to keep the golf course grass green.

"The areas that you see brown, normally people don't play off them. The fairways are all green, which is the important place."

But there are lots of places in northern New York where the grass is more brown than green. The owner of "A Cut Above" landscaping service said not a lot of grass is getting cut.

"Right now, we're pretty stagnant with mowing. I don't have any mow crews out today," said Justin Chesbrough. "We didn't mow yesterday. I don't really see much mowing the rest of this week or next week if we don't get rain. The grass is just not growing at all."

Importantly, we are not in drought conditions now, but the potential is there.

"There is a potential for a drought because we are in an abnormally dry stage right now. That's normally a precursor for a drought," said Jessica Spaccio, a climatologist with Cornell's Northeast Climate Center.

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