Ogdensburg Plagued By Potholes

Ogdensburg Plagued By Potholes

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Ogdensburg has a lot of potholes and it doesn't look as if they'll be filled anytime soon.

Ogdensburg Department of Public Works director Scott Thornhill says it's because he's shorthanded and his crews are busy with preparing streets for paving and other work.

“We did have a manpower cut," he said. "We lost two positions last year and we're finding it very difficult to keep up with some of these other tasks, like potholes and road cuts.”

City crews filled the worst potholes with what's called cold patch. But it takes hot asphalt to make a longer-term repair. That won't be done until fall. 

Meantime, at least the streets getting paved won't have any potholes. 

It's hot work.

"The heat -- the heat and humidity is the tough part," said John Edwards, a Barrett Paving Materials retiree. "It can come out of the truck 300 degrees and you see the steam coming out of it when you get in the paver -- it's hot.”

There is something that can be done to keep these streets from getting so bad in the first place. That's putting more signs on city streets telling trucks where they can and can't go.

Heavy trucks are supposed to drive only on marked street. They can make deliveries on other streets. Some of those are marked too. When they stray, everyone suffers.

"They're actually breaking the street down," Thornhill said. "Depending on what kind of road base there is, I mean, it can actually break the blacktop up.”

The DPW is evaluating truck route signage. If changes are needed, the city council could get a proposal. 

In the meantime, it will be smooth sailing on some streets and a bumpier ride on others. 

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