Jenne: Politics Sunk Wind Power Bill

Jenne: Politics Sunk Wind Power Bill

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North country assemblywoman Addie Jenne says politics played a role in scuttling a law she proposed that would have limited state subsidies to wind turbine farms in much of northern New York.

Jenne's bill would have discouraged the construction of wind turbines near Fort Drum, in part of Lewis County and in a wide swath of St. Lawrence County, by eliminating subsidies in some cases. It never got to a final vote in either the assembly or state senate in the last session.

Jenne says the bill was held up by Republicans in the assembly - and that north country state senators refused to support the bill, even after she consulted them to make amendments.

She was apparently referring to both Patty Ritchie and Joe Griffo, who together represent northern New York in the state senate.

"There's two that could have brought it forward. Neither of them did so, I tried on several occasions, made amendments offered to make more amendments.

"I do think that politics did have a little bit to do with it and I don't think politics should be played when it comes to the United States Army and their readiness."

Ritchie told 7 News Thursday it wasn't political.

"If there is politics being played, it isn't being played by me," she said. "I told the assemblywoman all along that if the bill passed, I would pick the bill up."

Ritchie said she never had a chance to see the amendments to Jenne's bill.

A spokesman for Jenne said it's clear whether Jenne will reintroduce the measure in the next legislative session.

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