Watertown Golf Club: It's Going To Lundy

Watertown Golf Club: It's Going To Lundy

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Shareholders in the Watertown Golf Club met for just under an hour Friday afternoon at the clubhouse in Thompson Park - and when it was over, it was clear the club will be sold to developer Mike Lundy.

The meeting Friday appeared to end a couple of days of back and forth between Lundy and another developer. P.J. Simao, who also wanted to buy the club.

As the meeting broke up, 7 News reporter Garrett Domblewski, live on scene, said he was told by club officials that the sale to Lundy was never in question. Domblewski reported that members 'overwhelmingly' agreed to sell stock in the club as one big block to Lundy. Lundy will have majority control, and will assume the golf club's lease with the City of Watertown for nine holes. The lease runs another 11 years.

Thursday, Lundy told 7 News he had a signed contract to buy the club. Lundy and Simao were vying for control of the club - Simao offered $650,000 for it Thursday, after learning of Lundy's renewed interest.

The golf club is controlled by members who hold stock in it, and in particular, a handful of senior members who hold a controlling interest in the club. The club reportedly has faced financial difficulties in recent years, including a debt of $465,000.

Lundy plans keep the club as an 18 hole course, while Simao said he would run it as a nine hole course in conjunction with his other golf club, Ives Hill Country Club.

Club member and former president Roger Draper told 7 News Friday "There's no doubt in my mind that all the members and probably most of the people who play up there would rather have it stay as an 18-hole course."

Draper has been golfing at Watertown Golf Club for 45 years and served as club president for nearly a decade in the 80s and 90s.

Draper said he was under the impression that Lundy had already made a deal as well.

"It may be less money, but I don't see where you can open that bidding back up, because I thought it was a done deal. And I think most of the members thought it was a done deal," Draper said.

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