Past and Present Military Displayed at Sackets Battlefield Satur

Past and Present Military Displayed at Sackets Battlefield Saturday

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The Sackets Harbor Battlefield came to life Saturday with a War of 1812 re-enactment. Called "Past and Present," the re-enactment included installations and music from the 10th Mountain Division to share a common military heritage and some cannon fire.

According to New York State Park's black powder rules, the cannon can only be fired every ten minutes because remaining sparks can accidentally set off a round.

Weapons are a lot different now. Some of the weapons used by the 10th Mountain Division were on hand for comparison.

The re-enacters shot off the war of 1812 era replica cannon for about an hour from the approximate location where it was launched during the First Battle of Sackets Harbor, which took place on July 19,1812. It resulted in American forces repelling several British ships.

"They came in to try to take back a ship that was taken by the Americans and they exchanged cannon fire with the shore batteries here at Sackets Harbor," said William Bamann, a historical re-enactor,

But men weren't the only one's re-enacting. Watertown history buff, Michelle Bunny, was dressed up as a barracks matron for the 1812 marines.  

"She had the role essentially of a modern 'den mother' you have a bunch of men together who don't know how to cook," said Bunny.

A little past and present. A side-by-side comparison of how war and life has changed.

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