Your Turn: Feedback On Conway, Death Penalty & Winery

Your Turn: Feedback On Conway, Death Penalty & Winery

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A day after the date was set for his murder trial, Michael Conway took a plea deal. The Watertown man pleaded guilty in Jefferson County Court to first-degree manslaughter for the killing of his girlfriend, 56 year old Vicki Miller:

He murdered my sister-in-law. He beat her to death and he’s going to jail for 13 and a half years. He should be in jail for the rest of his miserable life. 
Karen Fox Combs

Hopefully he will get what's coming to him in prison!

Frank Lucas

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he'll introduce legislation to remove the death penalty from New York State law:

 Another reason to to vote out Cuomo.

Adam Hicks

Wrong again. The death penalty should be there to use if needed.

Ron Schofell

It's a reminder to visitors that Point Salubrious is quiet and residential. Signs have been put up to protest noise and traffic stemming from events held at White Caps Winery:

Why should they be disturbed only because the owner wants to make money. The owner should move his Winery elsewhere.

Eva Miller 

I live across the street from the winery and think it is great. There is no noise and you would hardly know it's there.

Charlie Killmer

The neighbors should have spoken up when the winery was originally proposed. 

Heather Farrell Bennett 

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