Lewis County Rabies Bait Drop Gets Underway

Lewis County Rabies Bait Drop Gets Underway

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Don't be surprised if you see things falling from the sky in Lewis County starting Tuesday.

County Public Health officials say oral rabies vaccination baits will be dropped in the county through next Tuesday.

They're primarily for vaccinating racoons, foxes and coyotes.

The baits are about the size of a matchbox and are coated with fish meal flavoring to entice the targeted animals.

If you find baits on the ground, health officials say you should leave them alone. If you need to move them away from areas where children or pets can get them, they say to use gloves, a plastic bag, or a paper towel.

If you pet eats one, it shouldn't cause any harm, but eating several could cause an upset stomach. It's important, though, to avoid the pet's saliva for 24 hours.

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