NY: Drink Water, Not Sugary Beverages

NY: Drink Water, Not Sugary Beverages

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Jessica Goodrich of Brownville says she encourages her children to drink water over sugary drinks like soda or certain juices.

"I typically don't drink those things so I try to role model and give them the same things that I like," she said.

Drinking more water is the state Department of Health's advice as part of its new Healthy Beverage Campaign. The hope is to try to encourage people to stay away from things like soda, sports drinks, juices and more when you're going to pick a drink. Experts say consuming sugary drinks often can lead to some serious health problems.

"Sugary beverages don't just lead to added weight gain, but they put us on a path to a lot of risk factors to our health things like Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular concerns, heart disease," said April Bennett, nutrition educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County. 

If you're not crazy about drinking just plain Jane water, there are some ways to make it a little more tasty and it's still healthy.

"Adding a little bit of lemon to your water or orange slices or freezing some watermelon cubes and putting those in, you can add any combination of fruits and fresh herbs even vegetables like cucumber can be really great in water," said Bennett.

And if you drink sugary drinks daily, Bennett says even cutting out one or two of them a day is step in the right direction. 

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