Officials Dispel Rumors In Massena School Prank

Officials Dispel Rumors In Massena School Prank

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Massena Police Chief Adam Love, St. Lawrence County District Attorney Gary Pasqua and Massena Central School District Superintendent Patrick Brady said Thursday that they want to dispel rumors surrounding a prank at the school.

To date, four teenage students have been charged with criminal trespass.

First rumor up: suspects have not been named because parents object. Pasqua confirmed he advised Massena police that state law bars releasing the names of those 18 or under for such a crime.

“We're not withholding the names because of who they are or who their parents are. I know that's a really big one out there: 'You're not doing it because of the parents.' That's not true. That's not accurate,” said Love.

Pasqua said that criminal trespass is the correct charge. He knows the possibility of a burglary charge has been raised.

“Based on the totality of the situation, I think the criminal trespass charge is more important, more appropriate, for these individuals as opposed to a burglary charge,” he said.

One wave of students hit the school the night of June 5 and one the morning of June 6. Two chickens, a rabbit and a large bass were brought into the school. The bass was thrown in an aquarium and devoured the fish. A chicken ended up with a severed leg.

“We don't have any information through the course of the investigation that their intent was to hurt any animals during this process,” said Pasqua.

Chief Love and DA Pasqua say this investigation is ongoing. More arrests are possible and they are saying other charges are possible as more evidence is uncovered. 

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