Still No Decision From City On Dog Control

Still No Decision From City On Dog Control

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There is no decision yet from Watertown city hall on dog control.

Jefferson County's dog control program - which includes operating the county dog shelter and a variety of other dog-related jobs - is in danger of closing because eight towns in the county have withdrawn from the program, largely because of price.

County officials are optimistic the remaining 14 towns will sign on to keep the dog control program afloat - but they say the city has to participate as well.

And so far, the city is only wiling to extend by six months.

"We made a decision to extend the same program for six months and we are hoping that the surrounding towns and the county will come to the table and do the fiscally responsible thing that will help everybody here," said Mark Walczyk, city council member. The city faces an increase of up to $50,000.

City officials confirm they're looking at ways to cut costs, either by the county reducing what it wants for dog control or - worse comes to worse - running their own dog control.

However, the chair of the Jefferson County legislature says the city needs to decide soon on whether it will sign on to the county's dog control program for another five years.

"The city has had this since August, they have had notification since June, they have had a new agreement in their hands since August, You know, they have had time frankly to run through their options, so it's decision time now," Scott Gray, chair of he legislature, said.

"I don't know exactly what the city is thinking, I know they are trying to look at some alternatives in terms of whether they can provide the service or not. The other thing is, it's a question whether the city wants to get involved in the capital cost that's associated with starting a program."

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