Your Turn: Feedback On Bus Driver, Inmate Calls & Post Office

Your Turn: Feedback On Bus Driver, Inmate Calls & Post Office

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Most of your feedback this week is about a video taken on a Watertown school bus. On the video you can hear a First Student bus driver getting loud with young students and calling them 'animals:'

Where's the video of what happened prior to the bus driver's yelling? And when are students, of any age, going to be held to a higher standard like the adults are?

Kristin G. Hammontree

I would have a fit if someone talked to my child this way! No one has the right to disrespect a child.

Sarah Rizzo Chapman

Imagine that. Wanting children to behave in a vehicle moving down the road at 55 miles an hour.

Gina Hurteau Shoen

When you start screaming at kids, it’s time you look for another job.

Theresa M. Houghton

Good thing we didn't have cell phones when we were teenagers. We got yelled at! And oh...wait for it...we deserved it. 

Stacey Parish

An inmate is accused of calling a woman more than nine thousand times from a community phone in his cell block in Lewis County Jail. The woman he was calling already had an order of protection against him:

What's crazy is they waited so long to do something about it.

Patrick Whitehill

If...NONE of the calls were completed or went through, where is the crime?

Jay Kocyla

There will soon no longer be a post office in downtown Watertown. The Court Street location has been there since 2007 and is closing next week:

Will really miss it. So conveniently located. Have used it on a regular basis for many years.

Rose Puccia Missert 

Making things hard for people who walk!

George Johnson

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