Historic Wall Being Rebuilt In Thompson Park

Historic Wall Being Rebuilt In Thompson Park

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History is being built back up one stone at a time in Watertown's Thompson Park. 

The wall on upper Franklin Street is more than a 100 years old.

"It was leaning excessively," said Justin Wood, city engineer.

So the stones were taken down one by one and now it's up to workers to patch up history. 

It isn't easy. The work is done by hand.  

"Well it tires out at the end of the day that's for sure. It's just old school masonry," said Dennis Sharlow, Collins Building Contractors.

Even though the wall is old, workers say that the rebuilding process is similar to how it was originally built.

"Well it's just like it was a hundred years ago. It's just rock and mud," said Sharlow.

The original stones are being used to rebuild. 

Sharlow says the only difference is,  "We are putting drainage and reinforcement which I don't think they had back then."

The goal is to make the wall last.

"We will rebuild and hope to get another hundred years out of it," said Wood. 

This will make sure Thompson Park's future is set in stone.

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