Dog Mauls 3 Year Old, Mom Wants Animal Put Down

Dog Mauls 3 Year Old, Mom Wants Animal Put Down

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Zhandre Davenport enjoys playing, like most three year olds, but just last month he was in a hospital bed. 

His mother, Amanda, says her son was the victim of a pit bull attack in the city of Watertown. She says her neighbor Micheal Lopez's dog, Kodak, attacked Zhandre while Zhandre was on the porch of their home in September.    

"He came up, greeted him, left the porch again and went to use the bathroom and came back bit him," said Amanda. 

Amanda says she immediately rushed Zhandre to the hospital.

"It was terrible, it was like a blood bath," she said. "He was covered in blood head to toe. His face was completely open. I was covered in blood, the neighbor was covered in blood, the whole sidewalk was bloody."

Zhandre now has a severed nerve and no movement on the left side of his face. He had to re-learn tasks like drinking from a straw. Amanda says the dog's owner told her public health said he could keep the dog after it was under quarantine for 10 days.

"From there we thought there was nothing else we could do," she said.

For Zhandre's mother it's about justice. She wants the dog put down.

"The thing that really bothers me is the fact that he has no justice, he doesn't get to have piece of mind that that dog is gone and it will never happen again," said Amanda.

According to the Jefferson County Jail, Micheal Lopez was arrested on drug charges. We are told his dog was brought to the Jefferson County Dog Shelter. 

Amanda says A Facebook post by another woman shows an effort to find a new home for the dog. In it, the woman writes she's trying to "re home" the dog, but not to a home with small animals or children.  Amanda says it's frustrating.

"It's a dog that has a taste of human blood. Why take a chance to give it to someone who is single if the dog gets lose and attacks someone else," she said.

Watertown Police told 7 news that an investigation into the attack is underway.

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