Kahn: The Issues In Her Own Words

Kahn: The Issues In Her Own Words

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We're continuing to hear from the candidates for Congress. Here's Green Party candidate Dr. Lynn Kahn in her own words on the issues:

Government Overreach

"I believe that's true in making decisions about healthcare. I think that the government is overreaching in terms of family rights and family law. We have forced federal decisions on to families that are fighting to keep there families together in ways that are absolutely illegal, unethical and unconstitutional."

Trump's Tax Bill

"I'd like to call some of it back, certainly the tax cuts for the wealthiest one or two percent. I've really been looking a lot at how much waste there is in the federal government. I think there is a trillion dollars of waste in the federal government. So, I declare a war on waste! There's like almost 180 billion, billion, dollars worth of duplication of agencies and services and programs."

Universal Healthcare

"I'm talking about, how do you actually implement universal healthcare. I've read the medicare for all act. I've listed eight amendments that I would propose to that act, including making sure that the purpose is not just putting in place another insurance system, the purpose is really to improve health outcomes for folks."

Climate Change

"We've run out of time. There's no time left. We have to something now. I've proposed a corridor of green energy manufacturing along the St. Lawrence River, including the production and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel. Our energy policy has its brain buried in the sand. The rest of the world, the developed world, is moving towards the production of hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, it burns clean."

The Economy Specific to Kahn's Hydrogen Plan

"This could create truly an economic powerhouse up in the north country with years and years and years of well paying jobs."

Foreign Wars

"I am appalled and outrage that we as a nation haven't had the opportunity to have fair and open conversations about why we're going to war. I think this administration and this congress and the two party system has failed the nation, because they're not upholding their constitutional duty to declare war or declare an authorization for the use of military force."

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