Watertown Might Go Into Dog Control Business

Watertown Might Go Into Dog Control Business

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City Councilmember Mark Walczyk says the city might start its own dog control program and invite towns to join

"The conversations are ongoing; we need to continue to be a good neighbor and right now we are looking at a consortium with the town, with the city taking the lead, or possibly working with the county in the future," he said.

We got to this point because a handful of towns opted out of Jefferson County's dog control program. They said it was too expensive and didn't do enough. Now the county says it needs more towns and the city to say yes if its dog control program is to continue.

The county's budget for next year shows the dog control program continuing.

"So it will take all of the townships that we hope to partner with to make it a financially viable proposal," said Legislator Robert Cantwell, who represents the towns of Cape Vincent and Clayton. 

And the county says the city also needs to be a partner. Another city council member says he believes the city is ready to stick with the county:

"So speaking on behalf of the city, I think that we are happy to allow Jefferson County to continue to operate dog control in the city of Watertown," said Cody Horbacz, councilmember. 

The issue of dog control may come up as early as next Monday. If the county doesn't get more towns and the city to go along, county officials say dog control will come back out of the budget and everyone will be left fending for themselves.

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