Jenne: The Issues In Her Own Words

Jenne: The Issues In Her Own Words

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We're continuing to hear from the candidates for elected office in the north country. Here's incumbent Assemblywoman Addie Jenne in her own words on the issues:

New York Taxes

"My time in the Assembly has really been focused on providing tax relief to our communities whether it's their income tax, I passed the property tax cap and I've also worked to bring resources to our communities that offset property tax caps, whether it's millions of dollars in additional school aid I bring that keeps property taxes for our school districts down or helping to purchase ambulances, fire trucks and police vehicles that otherwise our communities would have to come up with the money to purchase."

Wind Power

I actually have legislation that I have introduced that got all the way to the state Assembly floor to protect Fort Drum from wind development that's too close to their radar systems. This is a big issue for Fort Drum. They started talking about it well over a year ago and I promised at that time that I would do everything that I could to protect the viability of Fort Drum.

Economic Development

"Some of the approaches that the governor has taken to economic development need to be changed up. They have led to some problems, corruption being one of them. One of the best ways to get rid of corruption is to get rid of the economic development policies that have kind of bred that. I have suggested that we turn to the basics of economic development, look at the big sectors of our economy and understand that many of them, especially the agriculture and dairy industry in particular, are suffering right now." 

State vs. Federal

"The state does have a responsibility to provide basic protections to ensure that we can leave a clean environment to our kids and that we have a tolerant society. Those are legitimate things that states should be looking at. If the federal government doesn't see the need to have those protections, then we as a state can determine what we want to do."

State vs. County

"We should be looking at taking the cost of health insurance off of our counties' backs and off of the backs of small businesses and create a more efficient system. We should be exploring something like a single payer health care system, but also, if we are able to take Medicaid off of the counties' backs, then we need to see the same type of tax cut at the property tax level coming from our counties."

We'll hear from Republican challenger Mark Walczyk on Thursday.

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