Haunted History Comes Alive At LeRay Mansion

Haunted History Comes Alive At LeRay Mansion

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When you step inside Fort Drum's LeRay Mansion, you never know what you're going to see or hear as Cultural Resource Manager Dr. Laurie Rush talks about the challenges of running the LeRay household in the 1800s

"Quite often the toilet flushes like it is right now. So it's pretty amazing,"  she said.

And that's not the only strange thing to happen in the mansion, which is almost 200 years old.  There's the story of a mother and son were helping to decorate the house.

"As they were getting ready to leave, the little boy said, 'But mom, aren't you going to wave goodbye to the kids?' She said, 'Well, what kids?' and he said, 'The ones I've been playing with all day,'" said Dr. Rush.  

Dr. Rush says one of the caretakers saw a ghostly figure in a mirror. Lights go on and off in other parts of the house too.

"Sometimes the lights are on when I arrive in the morning even though I've turned them off the night before," she said.

Even though there have been some spooky experiences in the house, Dr. Rush says the ghosts have been welcoming.

"Clearly the ghosts are attached to the place. Hopefully, they want the best for the house as well and know that our intentions are good and we want to take very very good care of this treasure,"  she said.

A treasure that might pull a few tricks, but is still a treat.

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