Walczyk: The Issues In His Own Words

Walczyk: The Issues In His Own Words

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We're continuing to hear from the candidates for elected office in the north country. Here's Republican challenger Mark Walczyk, who's running for the 116th Assembly District:

State Taxes:

"The governor has said the climate is the reason that people are moving out of New York State. I think what he missed is that it's the business climate; that we don't have job opportunities here because we've made it such a hostile environment for businesses. I've been endorsed by the NFIB, the Business Council and a group called Unshackle Upstate, that focuses on business growth in upstate New York and creating a better climate, because those groups understand that I'm the candidate that you need to put in Albany if you want the business climate to change in New York state."

Wind Power:

"Local control is absolutely critical and listening to the locals, their voice, when it comes to wind power. It can be a very divisive issue in different communities. You also have to make sure that Fort Drum has a seat at the table. They have interest in the airspace and the training area around Fort Drum and we need to make sure that their interests are protected."

Economic Development:

"I think government's biggest role in economic development is to get out of the way. Government officials at the tippy-top in New York State should not be hand picking where our economy is going to do well. It needs to come from the ground up. You have to listen to the local businesses and see what support they need and what things are getting in their way from growing and moving forward. And talking to business leaders about what's going to attract additional businesses and jobs to your region."

State vs. Federal 

"It's tough to answer that as a blanket. My job is to represent the 116th Assembly District and make sure the voice of the people of northern New York is heard loud and clear. I've been listening over the last six months, getting input consistently, knocking on thousands of doors, listening to them. I'm confident that I'm ready to carry that message forward in our state government."

Medical Mandates:

"I think you've got to find a way to reduce the unfunded mandates for the counties. This is one of the biggest ones. Whether the state can do a complete takeover, that's something that has to be negotiated with everyone at the table. It would certainly be a great lift of the burden for the counties."

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