Local Woman Seeks Others With Rare Pain Condition

Local Woman Seeks Others With Rare Pain Condition

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Shannon Doney was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS in May. 

"It feels like I have a million fire ants inside my skin that have little machetes stabbing me," she said.

The pain began after she broke her foot. Dr. Ivan Montalvo from Samaritan Health says says CRPS usually starts with an injury.

"Usually it happens after trauma, an accident. People start to show symptoms which often include swelling of the area, pain and some changes in the skin," said Dr. Montalvo. 

Shannon's condition has spread from her foot to her arm. CRPS interferes with her ability to do normal day to day activities like walking her dog.

"It seems like every three or four steps I take it sends a stabbing pain up my leg so I'm afraid of the pain," she said.

Shannon goes to physical therapy twice a week and travels to Syracuse often for appointments.  She will soon be receiving tranquilizers to help relieve her nerve system. She hopes that even though her condition is rare she will be able to find others in the north country who have been diagnosed.

"It would be nice to have some body else here even if we just car pooled or had lunch and just talked about it, because a lot of people don't understand," she said.

CRPS is similar to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Both are painful and awareness is being spread on Color the World Orange Day next Monday.

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