3 Designs Being Considered For Brownville Bridge

3 Designs Being Considered For Brownville Bridge

Posted: Updated: Nov 01, 2018 05:48 PM

Consultants have narrowed down the designs to replace the Brownville bridge over the Black River from seven options to three.

Brownville residents and officials were invited to one last public meeting Thursday, where consultants discussed the ideas.

The three options are from Old Rome State Road to Gould Street, Old Rome Road to East Main Street, or State Route 12E near the cemetery to State Route 12F. 

Project director Susan Hopkins, from Highland Planning of Rochester, says a variety of factors helped narrow the options down.

"Traffic considerations, safety, the location and they weighed each of the different options," she said.

While the existing bridge is still functional, it's past its service life. It was built in 1954 and only refurbished once, in 1984.

Christine Monroe owns a business along one of the potential sites for the new bridge and because of that, she's concerned.

"We have walkers that go by my office every day and if they put that road there, I think the kids are going to be in a little bit of danger," she said.

Hopkins says the current location was not a final option because it's not a sound area to build a new bridge, mainly due to steep grades.

With the help of community feedback, consultants say they will have a draft report of the final selection by December.

Construction will likely start in 2022.

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