Your Turn: Feedback On Shooting, Puppy Story Arrest & SPCA

Your Turn: Feedback On Shooting, Puppy Story Arrest & SPCA

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A 31 year old man faces charges after a shooting over the weekend at Watertown's Rio Nightclub. Five people were injured in the shooting incident:

I would like to flip back to 80s and 90s when you didn't hear of this crap in Watertown or around here. 

Patricia Farrell

Unreal, our world is becoming scary. Prayers for the people shot.

Kim Jackson 

The woman who said she found puppies in a pillowcase and turned them over to the SPCA was arrested for allegedly making up the story. Sheriff's deputies say the dog that had the puppies belonged to her:

What she was charged with was fair for what she did. 

Heather Fleming

The sad reality is this woman felt she had NO other choice but to lie in order to get help with the puppies. 

JayChana Fay

Got to give her credit - she could have just killed them or left them to die.

Sheila King-Hollis

After the woman's arrest, the head of the SPCA said she's "baffled" by the lie, because unwanted dogs are accepted free of charge. The group only requests a donation:

I have been refused 4 times. Once I told them I would donate $100 to take my dog. No room every time.

Tiffany Read

There are numerous individuals who have attempted to leave animals at the shelter and were turned away because they didn't have the funds to give for this so called "donation".

Barb Davis 

The SPCA asks for donations because that is how they are able to run the shelter!

Alissa Ganter Van Niel

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