Stefanik Wins 3rd Term In Congress, Cobb To Run Again In 2020

Stefanik Wins 3rd Term In Congress, Cobb To Run Again In 2020

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Republican Elise Stefanik held on to her seat representing the 21st Congressional District over her challengers, Democrat Tedra Cobb and Green Party candidate Lynn Kahn.

"Please know for those of you who I didn't earn your vote today, I will work just as hard for you as I do for those who voted for me because my job is represent everyone in this district," Stefanik said.

Republican Elise Stefanik celebrated a commanding victory at the polls at a party at the Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls Tuesday night. 

However, she's going back to a Congress where her party now finds itself outnumbered.

"I'm obviously disappointed that Democrats won back the house, however I have a very strong working relationship across the aisle," she said. "I've always been willing to work with anyone no matter what their party is if they have a good idea and I think we need more of that in Congress."

"The 21st congressional district belongs to us and it will belong to us in 2020," challenger Tedra Cobb said.

Cobb, who lost by over 15 percent of the vote, says she's running again in 2020.

"We need to make sure that the Affordable Care Act continues or something to make sure that everyone has affordable and portable health care," Cobb said.

Even with the double digit margin, Cobb came the closest anyone has to beating Stefanik in an election. 

Kahn came in a distant third. 

This will be Stefanik's third term in office. 

There are 46,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats voters in the district.

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