Watertown Keeps Its Lease With Golf Club, Simao To Sue

Watertown Keeps Its Lease With Golf Club, Simao To Sue

Posted: Updated: Nov 08, 2018 04:15 PM

The owner of Ives Hill Country Club, P.J. Simao, says he will file a lawsuit against the city of Watertown next Tuesday.

This comes after Simao received a letter from city lawyer Bob Slye.

Slye's letter definitively rejects a request Simao made last month that the city void its lease with the Watertown Golf Club.

"I don't really feel that I'm being taken seriously enough with the allegations and I think the allegations are quite serious," said Simao.

Watertown Golf Club has 9 of its 18 holes located on city property that has been leased to the club since 2000.

The lease was renewed in 2006.

The crux of Simao's argument for voiding those leases is that Joe Butler Sr., who was mayor at the time the 2000 lease was signed, is also a primary shareholder in Watertown Golf Club.

Slye writes in his letter that, not only did Butler recuse himself from voting on the lease in 2000, but at the time, Butler only held one share in the course, meaning he owned a fraction of a percentage in it.

Simao says the letter doesn't address all of his concerns and that he has information that refutes some of Slye's arguments.

He also felt it important to point to Slye's involvement in dealings with the golf club.

"I think it's very important for people to know that the 2000 lease was done by Mr. Slye and Joe Butler Sr. The 2006 lease was done by Mr. Slye and Joe Butler Sr.," said Simao.

We've reached out to city council members; Cody Horbacz and Ryan Henry-Wilkinson declined to comment and we did not hear back from the others.

Mayor Joe Butler Jr. also had no comment and says he has recused himself from the issue because of his father's involvement. Slye said he stands behind his letter.

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